Wednesday, 28 September 2011


We stop our cars for red lights and go on green, we look at the color of certain clothing whether or not they are safe for us to eat or touch, the bottom line is that color is a very important part of our daily lives.So whether you like the logo or not, I think we can agree that the various tones of green are right on for this channel. GO! GO! GO!

lOve T!
Todays fashion adjective is "Twist"
>And now I'm damn exhausted after this but you know what it was FUN! <

The Green Valley Resturant- CAPE TOWN
Spring means HEAT= Perfect Body!

Let's have green Delicacy

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


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  • I'm not a fashion student nor photographer but you should know that I LOVE FASHION AND ALL OTHER APPEALING OBJECTS. You don't know me, I wasn't the most popular guy at school, never hanged around with the beasty boys a.k.a cool guys around High School, not outspoken or Went to the most expensive school. I'm here to share my feel and touch when it comes to life( Fashion, Food, Travel and People) I've just spent the last HOUR going through blogs and I could say I am somehow inspired by the inspiration of others, the care free lifestyle of expression and beauty of embracement.


    Today's fashion adjective is "A star is born"

    and == oh yes! hahaha Yes I'm gay.